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    Can anyone tell me the difference between the 9001 and 8000 Magna-Matic Blade Sharpeners (besides a $424 price difference)? I know the 8000 is a "universal" model and the 9001 is probably some improvement over the 9000.

    I am wondering if I need the 8000 cause my Toro Groundsmasters are left side discharge (72" deck) too. Any help about them and whether I should get the blade balancer too would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

    65hoss, I seem to remember seeing some replies from you about the balancers. Any thoughts?
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  3. Rodfather

    The 8000 is for straight and also for the curved mulching blades.
    9000 is for straight blades.The 9001 i believe the only difference between it and the 9000 is it comes with a grit guard on it.
    As far as how it would do on your toro's i dont know ive never had the groundsmaster are they those huge toro's i see mowing parks and industrail site?
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    They are front-mounted machines with 72" decks. And yes, I do use straight mulching blades with them.

    Thanks for your info.

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