Magnetic Business cards or Door Hangers?


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Clarksville Tn
Which has worked better for some of you, Magnetic Business Cards or Door Hangers? This is the first time i will try one of these so i was wondering which one is better. Or if anybody has any other suggestions i am all ears.


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I have a great suggestion for you! We have a product called Stick-It that can turn your door hanger basically into a magnetic door hanger. This way you can get the best of both worlds. Let me explain. We make a high quality, glossy door hanger that can safely be stuck right onto the customers fridge. The door hanger goes right from the door to their fridge and your company name is always in their view. Take a look at our video that talks all about it:
We also have something called Band-It and you can also have this added to your door hanger. Band-It is a secure attachment that keeps your door hanger on the handle so it won't blow off & wind up out in the yard. We are a family owned business and really easy to work with so feel free to call us if you have questions! We have great specials going on right now & they are posted on our site.

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