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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Master of the Lawn, Mar 8, 2004.

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    I' ve been in business for 4 years now, pretty well have the route down. But people say we see around, but dont know your name. What kind of responce do you guys have from door signs? I'am sure it helps the pro look of your Company. Is there any legal things to worry about? I have DBA and Bond. ;)
  2. tiedeman

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    you might want to check with your auto owners insurance about commerical insurance for that vehicle once you put that magnetic sign on. But of course every state is different.
  3. Hamons

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    but then agan -- putting the sign on does not change the use of your truck. If you do not have commercial insurance and you get in a wreck pulling a trailer full of equipment -- very likely your insurance won't cover it -- because your policy probably has a clause excluding trucks being used for business use. Sign or no sign!

    Get the signs -- they will aid in the professioanl image of your company. Make sure they look good -- not just a white square with your name and number though.
  4. proenterprises

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    it all depends on wether you are looking for new work or not. the fellow i work for in the summer dosent have signs, simply because he dosent want any more work!
  5. ronwarren

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    I tried advertising in the hometown paper, fair response. bulletin boards in stores,fair response. I put magnetic signs on the truck and things took off. after one summer i took the signs off .could not handle anymore accounts. BEST 50.00 BUCKS I SPENT
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    Quick question here. Is what you are saying that although I have inland marine covering my equipment, my auto insurance might not pay unless I get commercial insurance? Are you saying liability, collision, or both? My Jeep is going to be used as my tow vehicle, but used as a personal vehicle 90% of the time. This is something I hadn't considered, and wasn't even aware there was a different commercial insurance for passenger type vehicles. Neill
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    THE MOST STUPID THING I'VE HEARD - "I don't have signs on my truck so I don't have to get commercial insurance." (And I've heard that in person from people as well as in threads on this site.) The insurance company doesn't give a D@MN if you have signs on it or not. If you are hauling a trailer around behind you with mowers on it, and are in an accident, they are going to FIGURE OUT that you are running a business. (Even if you are just doing it in CASH UNDER THE TABLE.) They are then going to DENY YOUR CLAIM for damages because you are running a business and trying to get by on a PERSONAL AUTO POLICY. PERIOD. THE END OF CONVERSATION!

    The cost of COMMERCIAL INSURANCE on your truck is (generally)not that much more than PERSONAL use. It is a BUSINESS EXPENSE. Pay for it thru your business and WRITE IT OFF.

    I have seen THREADS on this board - "I'm only 19 and I only have 20 or so yards so having insurance doesn't make sense."

    WRONG. It is a COST OF DOING BUSINESS. (Just like buying gas or a commercial mower.) Either do business the right way and have COMMERCIAL VEHICLE INSURANCE and LIABILITY INSURANCE and WORKER'S COMP INSURANCE (and charge those expenses back to your customers in the form of higher prices) or GET OUT OF BUSINESS!

  8. GrassBustersLawn

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    Inland Marine covers the equipment you have SCHEDULED. Usually have a "Contractor's Equipment Schedule" that shows all the stuff you have insured & the value it is insured for.

    Exmark Lazer 60"......................$7,000
    Echo Trimmer.............................$ 300

    TOTAL................$ 7,300
    ANnual Premium.....$200

    That will cover your equipment if it is Stolen or damaged in an accident.

    IF YOU are driving your JEEP and pulling that trailer, you better have a COMMERCIAL AUTO POLICY on it. If you don't and you are in an accident and the POLICE REPORT says: Operator 1: MOTurkey driving 1998 JEEP with landscape trailer and 3 mowers attached turned into path of Operator #2...... YOU ARE SCREWED. Your insurer will not cover the damage to your car, will try to get out of paying for other persons damages and will leave you high and dry when the other person sues you for damages.

    If you are pulling a trailer and the trailer scrapes another car, the LIABILITY for a trailer follows the vehicle it is attached to. SO you'd better have COMMERCIAL AUTO POLICY on your JEEP!

  9. Mdirrigation

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    If you buy magnetic signs buy at least 2 sets , so when 1 blows off you have spares
  10. Rick Jones

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    In NY if you are going to use signage on your vehicle, you must have commercial plates. Not sure about other states though.

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