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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by C&M, Mar 15, 2001.

  1. C&M

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    I am a new comer to this forum, but have learned a lot from you guys in the last couple of weeks. I have been doing lawn care for about three years now mostly residential. We are now trying to work in more comercial jobs. We went to get some magnetic signs made up. I had a graphic of a lawnmower to use. The sign shop indicated the graphic would not work. I was wondering if anyone had a grapic or maybe point me in the right direction to getting my hands on one to make up my signs. Grass season is upon us and I would like to start advertising. Thanks.

    C & M Lawn Care
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  3. Kent Lawns

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    Get a different sign company.

    With today's technology, they can scan a photo and print that on the side of your truck.
  4. Getmow

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    Go with adhesive lettering and graphics on your truck and or trailer. It is more professional looking than the magnetic signs.
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    Any print shop should be able to do that for you. I had mine made up and they put it on my letterhead, truck and made stickers up of it.. Go to a new shop.

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    Hey C&M since you are in my town I'd recommend 'Signs Now' they do great work. P.S. Pleeeeeeeaze don't be another one of the low ballers, this town is full of them already.
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    One thing to think about if you do go with the magnetic signs, they have a tendency to pull the paint off when you pull them off if the have been on a while. Just thought you might like to know.
  8. ProScapeOM

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    Find another sign company. I took my letterhead graphic, which I designed myself using Windows Paint, to the local company here in town and they had no problem recreating it for my magnetic signs. I have had mine on my trucks for 9 months now and haven't had any problems. Make sure before you put them on that the surface of the vehicle and the surface of the sign are clean. And clean them on a regular basis and there should be no problems.
  9. Strawbridge Lawn

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    I recommend you do a YAHOO search and type in "Magnetic Vehicle Signs" You will get many pages of companies from which to choose. I was very impressed with the quality, service and appearance of the signs I received for like $43.00. I have received favorable comments on them also.

    So far NO negatives from me.

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