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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by touhey33, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. touhey33

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    Any one use magnetic signs for their vehicles, i am thinking about doing it, its very cheap. Also do you have to register somewhere if you are going to put signs on your vehicle.
    Other question-does anyone know where i can get clip art for lawn care, i need a pic of grass for my business card.
  2. newbomb

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    I will be using magnetics this season too. I wanted to letter my trailer but am afraid it will cause upset in the neighbor hood. I will try to get the best ones I can and I hope they will look a little better than the ones I remember. I would love to get static stick signs but I dont know for sure that anyone makes them.

    As for the clip art I would get a print shop to make your cards for you and Im sure they have many styles of landscape art work for business cards. I also think Office depot sellls a CD of clipart as well if you want to do it yourself.

    I know of no registration process for vehicle signage. I don't think it matters.

  3. SoloMow

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    Magnetics are great. Advantages include: Cheap, Removable, Vehicle Resale Value, Gated community security checks, Customer recognition, New customer contacts, etc. As far as business cards...

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