Mahindra 3510 HST - Price Check and Test Drive

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Ursushorribilus, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Ursushorribilus

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    I researched Mahindra both on this forum and the web, and came up with favorable results pretty much across the board. So I went to the Mahindra dealership today that just started about 6 months ago to take a look, and the owner of the dealership came out to see me. I've never been to a tractor dealership before, so I figured "Oh no, the high pressure car salesman approach". Boy was I wrong. What a great guy this dealer is - he spent about 3 hours with me (that's right, 3 hours!), and answered every conceivable question I could think of about tractors - no pressure whatsoever - and was blowing off phone calls to talk to me. He even told me to bring my two pitbulls in his office for a drink of water. He let me test drive the tractor I was interested in, the 3510 with the hydraulic transmission, and it was impressive. Of course, I've never been on a tractor before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it seems like a solid piece of equipment. The dealer told me, as did the Mahindra homepage and several articles I read about it, that Mahindra tractors are built alot heavier than the competition because of cast iron parts. Tomorrow, he's going to let me try working the backhoe, which, of course, is a first for me - he's letting me dig up a piece of his front yard!

    He quoted me a price of $18,600.00, and that's with a loader bucket. He told me the going rate for this machine is about $21,000.00 or so, and the Mahindra web site gives an msrp of about $17,500.00 and doesn't say whether or not that includes the bucket. It comes with a 3 year warranty.

    So, my question's are: 1) Is Mahindra as high a quality tractor as I'm reading about, and how does it compare to, say, Kubota? 2) Is $18,600.00 a good price for the 3510 HST? 3) Is a heavier tractor better than a lighter tractor? 4) What do you think of the hydraulic transmission? 5) Is 35 horsepower enough for lawncare, light landscaping, plowing my driveway, etc.?

  2. lamarbur

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    for a basic machine the Mahindra does better than quite well. I have the 4110 model and a Bradco 11 ft backhoe. Mahindra is the only other one out there other than the Kubota L 48 that will warranty an 11 ft hoe. Other mfg dealers will hang them. doesn't mean the home office will warranty it though.. My mahindra has performed flawlessly. I have a 1600 ft driveway to plow open, 18 acres of fields that get hog mowed 7 or so times each year, and the hoe with 12 and 24 inch buckets does an awesome job. There are many thngs that Mahindra can improve upon, wlthough one can say this about any tracotr made out there. In New England area, Mahindra has a good dealer network. I laugh at all these guys with the big 4 colors that announce, be carefull you may wait for something,, This is simply not true.. In fact Mahindra goes the length to make over night parts availability a must.. I hac one issue with the hoe and they rectified it by installing a PTO pump/tank system... Bradco's need 11 to 14 GPM and the tractor only has 7.. The PTO system is 14GPM.. There are good and bad ideas in all tractors, NH-Kubota-Kioti, then JD seem to be the sales leaders.. Try out several machines, think it over good, and make a selection
  3. moneyman

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    Mahindra is the bigger of the smaller players in tractors. Actually mahinra makes some massey furguseon tractors (unsure of models)

    I would look at used models on his lot.. Is there any?
    Ive read by some mahindra owners that dealers wont accept their trades..I think it is a bad dealer,but something to recognize and question the dealer on.
    I cant afford a tractor right now but i am shopping and mahindra looks like a good bet, but dont discount the big 3 makers as there prices can come real close at times.
  4. Ursushorribilus

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    This Mahindra dealer is new, so there aren't any used models yet. I have been reading a local sales/swap magazine that comes out weekly in a tri-state area, and have found fantastic deals on used tractors with low hours - but I don't know if it's worth taking the chance on buying something that may or may not have serious problems.

    I'm going to the Kubota dealer tomorrow and check out their stuff. They've been around a long time, and have a large inventory of used tractors. I like the Grand L series I found on their website - the 50 hp model looks like a beast. Kinda like the idea of a heated/air conditioned cab too.
  5. jeffreytucker

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    I bought a mahindra 3510 and couldnt be happier with it. It is atleast 2-3 times stronger that the JD, that was comprable to it in price. the front end loader will lift as much as the massey fergeson and more than the kubota. I was using it like a bulldozer and broke a rear bracket that was $50 but easy fix. I am having some problems with the PTO engaging but was told to just poke the selenoid and it should fix it. The mahindra out weighed every tractor in its class!! which is a huge plus when you are picking up heavy loads with the bucket. The bucket is so strong i have lifted the rearend up picking up trees with huge stumps!! I have been using it to clear my 70 acres. it is small enough to haul on my trailer with my titan and fit in between trees in the woods yet strong and heavy enough to lift about what ever i want!:weightlifter:
  6. hosejockey2002

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    With the possible exception of the Chinese models, most tractors on the market are of good quality, Mahindra certainly being one of the good ones from what I've read. But I've also read (and experienced) that a huge factor in a tractor purchase is the dealer, and from reading your post I'd say you hit a home run there.
  7. JerryG-AR

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    This may look bad because I am a new member, but Mahindra doesn't make any Massey Ferguson tractors. I am a MF person and worked at a dealership for several years. As far as Mahindra goes, they are a good tractor. They have come a long way in the States in the last few years and are now pushing sales more than they ever have. They are stronger than a lot of the compact brands out there. The question or was it a statement about weight, for anything but mowing weight is an advantage. There are one or two other brands that have really lightened up their tractors to where I can't really see them being good for anything but mowing.
  8. Bill Davis

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    I can speak from experience from the two Mahindra tractors that we have that they are great tractors. We own a 4110 that has 1100 hours and a 7520 that only has about 250 hours. I would encourage you to buy one. The price you were quoted seems to be in line with normal cost.
  9. cmlands

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    I find these type of generalizations absurd. I've owned a Jinma 284, FEL, Backhoe, box blade and chipper for three years, no problem in 1500 hours. I've replaced the clutch safety switch ($20), a couple of seals that came with the tractor, general maintenance and that's it. I bought the whole thing except the chipper off ebay for $11000. I use it everyday for hard landscaping work including boulder retaining walls and grading, I also use it on my 6 acre hobby farm. I really hope you would have used or even owned one before you make these generalizations. When I was growing up in the 70s they said the Japanese cars would never make it against the "higher quality" American made cars as well.

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