Mahindra 3616 vs mahindra 5010

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by minocquawi, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Does anyone have first hand experience with the mahindra tractors. It will be used to move snow in the winter with the loader this winter and with a inverted blower next year and moving snow banks for smaller contractors and home owners and business who already own plows. The summer it will be used for landscaping moving boulders, pallets of materials, mowing, and doing food plots. I feel as though the 3616 we could use in any situation we have now. And with the 5010 we have more room to grow. Also we can 3616 to move mulch across grass where as the 5010 would be too heavy to drive across a current landscape or lawn. Here are some specs on the two tractors. The 5010: lift capacity at full height 3122 lbs, break out force 5225 lbs, hydraulic flow 9.5 gpm, lift height 115.4", and 5400 lbs with loader and cab total weight. The 3616: lift capacity at full height 1650 lbs, break out force 2650 lbs, hydraulic flow 7.7 gpm, lift height 99", and approximately 3800 lbs with loader and cab. Both are hydrostatic transmissions, cabbed, and with loaders. 4x4 also
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    Did you buy one I see your post isn't new? I bought a 6010 because they were out of 5010s. The lift capacity is why I bought, over 3000 lbs, you allways need more lift. I don't think the making up your lawn will be a issue.

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