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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jbailey52, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. jbailey52

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    Ive never attended this program.. But I just saw the registration info for last years show, and it seems like there were 50 + classes / seminar. I just looked at the info for this year, and doesnt seem to really be anything, just a once time sign up thing for a one say set schedule... am I missing something?
  2. CertPro

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    EPH has eliminated the AC show and will be doing mini one day road shows in a bunch of cities. Check out
  3. Dreams To Designs

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    The trade show is gone and this is a selling seminar with an appearance by a Vander Koi representative. The intention is to introduce new products, colors and business strategy for EP Henry. Very similar to the free Techo-Bloc, Unilock or many other paver manufacturers.

  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    The downside is that EP Henry charges 30 bucks!!!!!!! Belgard has always done them for free :)

    To my knowledge, techo has never done Vander Kooi seminars :(

    I HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE attend Vander Kooi's seminars. Vander Kooi does a good job of drawing awareness to reality. And many guys have no clue what they're doing in terms of pricing and tracking expenses, along with budgeting.

    There are some contractors in my area that REALLY need to attend seminars. They have trucks and equipment that I feel it's safe to speculate they're makin payments on. When they are comin in thousands of $$$$$ less than a seasoned, veteran, competent contractor who has the lowest overhead possible - there's a SERIOUS problem. After I attended the 1st seminar many moons ago I bet I changed about 5 practices.

    Ok, sure they'll only last 4-8 years in the hardscape biz. But that doesn't do me any good when I'm loosing all my sales to them in the interium.

    One example out of many, is - we have guys here that I know do not factor in drive time to and from, each day, per employee. I am certain that after they attend a Vander Kooi seminar - they'll never price a job again without factoring in drive time!

    I think everyone should attend Vander Kooi's seminars. It helps the entire industry as a whole.
  5. LB1234

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    I attended MAHTS last year down in AC...was not all that impressed with the actual tradeshow, no wonder they turned it into a traveling show.
  6. ford550

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    All our bids have drive time in them. Some of our larger, multi-week projects have had many thousands of dollars in them just for drive time. It's amazing how many companies don't even realize how much money there actually NOT making on a project, just because of drive time. Comes right off your bottom line.

    I attended a couple of them (Kooi) over the years. Very good.

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