MAHTS show in AC a little dissapointing

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by LVHardscape, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. jeffslawnservice

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    I was down at MAHTS yesturday and took fundamentals or pavers and walls. Wish I could have stayed longer but I had classes for school today and tomorrow so that didn't work out. But I also went to the John Deere Landscapes classes and for the tradeshow aspect of it I thought MAHTS was better. (For me atleast because The John Deere Trade show was had alot of irrigation products, which is not a service I offer.)

    But over all I was pleased in MAHTS, for someone just getting into this aspect of the industry the classes provided me with alot of knowledge.

    I was actually going to take the NCMA-SRW class but wanted to make sure I learned some more about pavers too so decided to take fundamental to pavers and wall inplace of the NCMA class.
  2. PatriotLandscape

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    I think for some us trade show regulars we expect somethings to be at a higher level. I went to mahts in ac with a couple guys this week. Some decent business courses but the hamds on was lacking in every area. We don't use an ep henry products up here and after leaving that show I don't know anymore about their product then when I went in. Try doing that at a techo showcase, it won't happen.

    They should have at least one class at all of these shows sponsored by probst or pti showing efficiency tools.
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  3. LVHardscape

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    Agree to both those statements!!!! EP Henry picked lunch time to go over some new stuff and tell contractors about their 2011 focus!!! LUNCH TIME?!?!!!! I don't think any of the contractors/suppliers were listening, not to mention nooone could hear the lady speaking!!!!
  4. Jarlo

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    This was our 4th year attending the MAHTS trade show. For our company, it has been phenomenal. The reason we go is for the great classes they have. They are extremely informative.

    I went to the Techo-Bloc show last year. Don't get me wrong, it was informative - and yeah, they do give you all this free stuff - but it doesn't compare to EP's show.

    The knowledge that Charles Vander Kooi's people bring to the table is incomparable.

    And when all else is considered, EP HENRY providing breakfast, lunch AND happy hour beats TECHO's one superior meal. :laugh:
  5. LVHardscape

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    Here again, the information and classes are great, but they are all third party companies holding the classes, so its not like it's EP that is putting them on. I have a feeling Techo will be very soon doing something like this, and I would imagine its going to rock EP henry's world!!
  6. HHlandscaping

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    I went to Ac also Last week, and was a little disapointed with the show. I was expecting more vendors I guess . and I signed up for the fundamentals courses even though I already am ICPI Certified for to guys from ep that stuttered and wont good at teaching show me slides for 3 hours .......I decided to get up and leave lol .. I also went to Techo's showcase and listened to Paver Pete which was good I thought, But in my Market everything is Ep. I guess I should of took some Different Classes
  7. PatriotLandscape

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    I sat in on part of the fundamentals class. Ugh The guys need to be taught how to speek to an audience. I do not need to be read word for word the power point slides. 3hours of slides 20 minutes of hands on and they decided to uild stairs rather than lay pavers !!!
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  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    I've never been a big fan of this "hands on" stuff at these types of functions. Always seems a waste of time and effort. I'd guess that of all the attendees - less than 10% benefit from the hands on.

  9. LVHardscape

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    It's more-so to keep the audience engaged in the process. I would much rather a breakup in the speaches with hands on vs. just sitting through slideshows for hours on end.
  10. MexicanAmerican1

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    Huh? Who organizes show? Who invite vendors, speakers and all the rest?

    You have feeling that Techo will do something that EP has dun for many, many years? Bery funny. Why Techo not do previously?

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