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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Frog Lights LLC, Feb 20, 2006.

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    I also agree Steve. This is a great a business and I enjoy it. We all have different ideas of what should be out there for the contractor to choose. I understand that yours is a valid product and well established. We are trying to develop a quality line of assorted products with choices in various categories for the contractor. Our goal is to provide the merchandise at a price that is reasonable and fair with national availability.
    I was very surprised to learn of emails that are now being sent please ask Wade to show them to you. As stated previously, it was upsetting to here from a stranger a quote he repeated " I spent $30,000 to get UL , be careful of buying Frog Lights , they are not UL listed" From the little I know of you I know this is not the type of business you would consign to.
    My businesses have different divisions each performing different functions. Anyone who comes to our location and buys direct is so advised. As we grow things will change and in fact they are changing daily. I am working very hard to make all this happen.
    I am not looking to bump heads with your company or you, in fact I was disappointed that we could not have a chat at MAHTS. I was looking for you.
    You sound like the voice of reason at the "C" company.

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