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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Sep 1, 2005.

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    so, we are getting tons of calls from our fliers. a guy called yesterday, he wanted trimming done. we work in his area on wed and thursdays. i was out there yesterday, looked at the job, it would have fit perfect into thursdays (todays) schedule. i called him back, told him i'd get right on it tommorow. i need $300. he said cool, so, "you'll mail me a bill?" UMMMM, NOOO!!!! if you are contracted for maint, it's no problem tacking this onto the bill, but, YOU, are a one time client. we get paid when we are done. he thought this was unreasonable, and thought i should mail him a bill. i said, no, sorry. was i unreasonable? do you think i should have billed him? do you think i got the job?
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    For regular customers I add it to their monthly bill. But one time customers or those that I do work for every couple of months, I get paid when the job is complete.

    I don't that was unreasonable on your part.

    As far as the job, I'd be wondering now if he wanted it done that he might pay when he is ready, not when the job is done. Just because of what he said.
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    new mowing customers have been paying at each mow rest of this year. landscaping... half up front, half when done. if customer has been with for a year or more and been good payer, we'll add a small extra job like that to bill.

    didnt i ask you something like this couple months ago, bobby? hows the pooper scooper flyers doing?

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