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  1. bodisatvah

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    one of out local mail carriers stopped me and had a talk with me....since i was putting flyers in mailboxes. apparantly, a big no-no. she told me, she has to take every flyer she finds and collect it. i could be charged .39 per flyer (tiny ouch).

    my question is, can i put the flyers outside the mailbox? she told me to hand out door hangers, but who has time for that? mail carriers do not! :>)

    i'm just looking for a fast, efficient, legal way to pass out my flyers.
    i did try postcards...but it got expensive fast.

    any legal suggestions is greatly appreciated!
  2. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    No no no no no. Do a search, and there is about a full days worth of reading on here. There are even the laws right out of the book per batum.
  3. CoreyD

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    yea dont even touch the mailboxes...... put them in the newspaper box if you dont want to get out of the car for door hangers and such... not every one has a newspaper box.... but it is not illigal to put them in the newspaper box... but to put anything at all in or outside of the mailbox is illigal
  4. DJL50

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    Each area seems to enforce things different. Around here you can hang anything you want on a mail box just can't put it in the box. We get all our weekly sale ads from a place called the door store each Sunday. They hang it on a hook or nail on the side of the mail box.
  5. Runner

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    Right..Which is still illegal, though. Whether it is enforced or not, are up to the P.O workers....i.e. mail carriers, supervisors, postmaster, etc.. the laws themselves are the same regardless of wherever they are at - regardless on area, county, city, state. If it is in the U.S., it has the same laws. The hooks on the door are a HUGE no-no. This would be the FIRST place a carrier would have trouble with. This would be worse than the flag. lol
  6. CoreyD

    CoreyD LawnSite Member
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    yea exactly.... they dont enforce it around here either..... same for spraying weed killer without a license they dont enforce that here either but.... thats the only thing i get away with :)
  7. FiveOJoe

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    from NJ
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    Most of the posts in my area are PVC as the houses are new. I Scotch tape them to the post. Got 10 new customers out of 300 flyers this Spring.
  8. CoreyD

    CoreyD LawnSite Member
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    i remember a thread a month or so ago.... by someone i cant remember who.... but he had gone around useing tape with flyers on mailboxes.... and some woman actually called him to complain about a sticky mark it put on her mailbox lol better be careful about that .... theres alot of stupid people who like to complain about the smallest things....
  9. Ecoscape01

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    That was me.......I learned my lesson
  10. Poncho25

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    Its a federal law, and that mailbox is considered federal property. so in, on, anywhere near it is considered illegal, and if a home owner wanted to, they can call their local mail company and complain about whome ever is doing this. Then they (mail company) has a right to fine you. Just find a local kid an pay him 20 bucks ;) to hand out door hangers for you.

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