Mailed out a customer survey, interesting results!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Jul 19, 2003.

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    Basically I'm sick of working Saturdays! All of my mowing is done on Wed-Thur-Fri, any days of heavy rain and I'm behind. In this months invoices I included a survey about services. The questions included ones such as are you happy, rate us and so on. I also asked about mowing schedules, days of the week preferred, and if they would prefer special applications for free with less mowing visits (Primo Maxx).

    The results have been interesting. Since I do 100% residential I am figuring a way to get my Thursday-Friday workload lighter, one way is to offer a discount for mowing on Monday & Tuesday, so far half have said they would like a 10% discount and have them mowed on Mon-Tues, great!

    Most have said they would like to have the greenest lawn possible and would accept a 10-12 day mowing schedule. Great also!

    With the lighter days I can add a lawn or 2 and easily make up for the difference. Also, if I get the lawns all on Primo and only visit every 10-12 days I the cost of the Primo Max will be saved in labor, time, fuel, and such.

    I will be converting some over to the new contracts starting in August; will keep posted on how it's going. Could such a survey help balance your schedule better? Hopefully it will mine.
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    Interesting Ray,
    I have mostly residentials also but I do have a couple small commercial. The commercials don't care when its cut as long as its cut. I have 3 out of 25 that want it done on Thurs. or Fri. Two of those three make are a total of an acre of cutting on a riverbank but pay well.
    I really think I'd open a can of worms if I asked my other customers a preference because right now most are happy to have it cut when I get there. My schedule at the fire dept. along with rain days can make the schedule quite hectic. I like the flexibility. I do 17 on one day and 8 on Thurs. or Fri. depending on my schedule. (end of week are bigger props). As summer drys out I can push them tight and give myself a 6 day vacation when needed then I can go back to a 7 day cycle. I guess I am lucky that only a couple want the end of week mows.
    I definately can see how you can benefit from this. You always seem to be a step ahead of the game. Thanks for sharing.
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    The survey is a fantastic idea

    The thing I like about is that you would then finaly know what's on your customers minds and how they think.

    As for the cutting days. My schedule is 3/4 of a day on Monday, those are commercials. Tuesday - Friday residential. No doubt everyone wants their lawn cut on Friday, not pratical. I have maintained the same cutting days for more than 20 years.

    My customers know where we are and when to expect us. I often can see the wife or whoever leave to go shopping just as we arrive. In some groupings we see them leave down the street and then return after we completed their home and have moved down the street. Have been told that they schedule their shopping or other appointments around our schedule.

    As for the request for later in the week. My response is. "Never knew that the quality of the landscaper was determined by the day they cut" and I leave it at that. Nothing changes :)

    I do a monthly company letter that is inserted with the billing. Discusses various points of interest, such as watering needs for the coming month and what services are coming in the month or near future. Also include a status of where were at with scheduled work, if were behind with certain aspects of our service due to rain or other reasons. The letter contains other pertinent information regarding the service, care of their landscape as well as house plant info.

    The letter is also a great way for us to sell various services we provide.
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    No more set days for any customers. We had a few that insisted on Thursday/ Friday. Straight up dropping them was very profitable.

    All accounts now understand that they get mowed as needed. Any day, except Sunday. We try to avoid Saturday at residentials, too.

    No more squeekers insisting on a set day is wonderful. My routes are not broken up anymore.

    They can get a 10% discount for Monday or Tuesday if they want. All they have to do is shop around and find someone else who is 10% cheaper.

  5. tiedeman

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    we always send out two surveys during the year. One in the middle part of the season and one at the end of the season. The results are interesting and areas where you think you do the best in, actually receive the worse score
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    Rather than giving a discount for Mon or Tues schedules, why not charge a premium for those that insist on Thurs and Fri scheduling?

    Just don't call it a premium!
  7. GLAN

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    Discount for doing the weekly on a Monday or Tuesday?

    Is your work done differently on Tuesday than a Friday?
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    I like the idea of your survery, however don't let your customers run your have to run it. We cut lawns on Tues, Wed, and Thurs.....friday is our mowing catch up day if need be. These additions you talked about sound good, just make sure the bottom line is improved. We mow on the days its convenient for us, while we are a service business, we won't bend over backwards for people because most of the time it isn't worth it.
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    You mentioned a 10 to 12 day mowing schedule, that's interesting. Would you mind going into details of the pros/cons from your view point.
    Do you not have any problems with this in prime growing season or rainy times of fast and sudden growth.
  10. KenH

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    Also, what did the customer say who you mow on Thurs/Fri------on a 10-12 day schedule it wont always be on these days.

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