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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Nov 19, 2013.

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    I've been working on a project. I had some mailers designed specifically geared toward outdoor lighting, since we're doing a lot more lighting lately. We're going to strategically mail these really large (12" wide) postcards to homes above a certain value in neighborhoods where we've had more success with lighting.

    The postcard is a bi-fold design. Front opens up into a big 12"x11" page and then the back side is the mailing address etc. It's meant to fold sort of like the post-card here:


    My exact postcard is below, if anyone's interested. But I was wondering who here has recent experience with mailers? Do you think this is a good time of year to send them out? I wouldn't be able to get them printed up and sent out until the first week of December or so. I figured we'd try to drum up some lighting work here in the fall/winter months when times are slow and it's darker for more of the day. Is that a totally bad idea? Should I wait until after the holidays? Or do you think we could still get a few calls in December if we sent them out? I Haven't done mailers forever. But I'm willing to try them again. Just wondering about the timing.

    Here is the one I had made:


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    Hi Jim,

    Good looking mailer (I like the color scheme). I certainly can't speak for everyone, but based on my singular experience, I have not had good luck with any form of advertising after Thanksgiving. It may just be my perception, but it seems everyone gets into the holiday mood and for the most part they put everything else on the back burner. If it were me choosing when to send them, I would probably schedule my drop for the 2nd week of January after the Christmas lights come down and everyone perceives how truly dark it is (without any Christmas lights). That is the Aesthetic perspective point of view. Here in Indy recently, there has been a huge crime spree of forced break in's and armed assaults in many high end neighborhood homes recently. If I was starting a campaign here right now, I would take a "lighting for security", bent in my marketing.
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    Great design on the card Jim. We just had a large batch of cards go out yesterday geared towards landscape renovations before the holidays.

    I would give the cards a shot, no matter what you are building more brand recognition.
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    I would make a bigger call to action

    I would wait till after Christmas, unless you want a bunch of calls about hanging Christmas lights
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