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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HBFOXJr, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. HBFOXJr

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    Does anyone know who can take my customer list and give me a mailing list of 5 to 10 of the adjacent propery owners? How about pricing for a service like this?
  2. MacLawnCo

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    Im not sure of the accuracy of this, but it defianately works Type in the city, adress, and zip, and for the last name, put " ** " this will give you the names and info of al the neighbors on a street.
  3. HBFOXJr

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    The scope of the project is too large for the one at a time method.
  4. Nebraska

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    The only thing that I found they were able to do was reduce it by postal route. It gave 200-300 names in the area. Which worked out fairly well....
    Have taken those names and narrowed them by street using our contact management software.
    Whole process of narrowing it down took less than a minute. The big thing was keeping track of who was sent what and we did it by assigning groups.
  5. KenGreenPro

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    this may be a stupid question...but i often recieve business postcards addressed to "occupant" or "resident" and to be honest, it really makes no difference to me who its addressed to when i receive it..if its a good deal, ill call...for example, i get post cards from the oil lube places advertising oil changes for 12.95 and they are never addressed to me personally, just "current occupant" . On that note, i have received postcards/advertisments with someone elses name and then the phrase "or current resident"........

    i guess what im trying to ask is, do you think it really makes a difference if they see their own name on the address label? will this entice them to call?


  6. SIG

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    Go to your states Dept. of taxation website, type in a county, street and boom! You have all the neighbors and how much property and how much they paid for their house!
  7. SIG

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    Here's an example of my state of Maryland.
    Look @ Data Search
    Click Real Property Data Search
    Pick a County- Use Howard if you want
    Pick a street- Greenway

    You will see all the people who live on Greenway Dr.
    Good Luck and this is all free, public info.
  8. HBFOXJr

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    Guys, Your thoughts and contributions are appreciated. However we are talking 1,000 accounts. Getting 5,000 names one at a time is not the method. There are places where names and addresses can be submitted and neighbors returned, but I just don't know where.

    Since we are already in these neighborhoods, the folks are somewhat pre-qualified as our type of client. They may also know people we are already servicing. I can send 5K new pieces first class myself, cheaper than bulk mailing the huge qty required to cover everyone in the areas we work and the areas we don't.
  9. crawdad

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    You have 1,000 lawn accounts? How many crews do you have?
  10. HBFOXJr

    HBFOXJr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Combined fert and irrigation service accounts. Some get both, some are just one service. 3 guys do it easy with time for some sprinkler installs, aeration, seed, etc.

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