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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by philk17088, Dec 21, 2002.

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    I have seen some postings about mailing lists,street directories,etc. Can anybody list a couple of companies to buy these from? I did a search but the hits I got were for e-mail lists and business-to-business lists. Help! :dizzy:
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    The best way to create a mailing list is to go drive the neighborhoods that you want to target and create your own. You can use Excel as a database. The problem with buying through a company is that the lists are created by listed telephone numbers. If someone has an unlisted number, they don't make the list.
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    Here in SW Florida we cut pretty much year round. Right now every two weeks. All my accounts are yearly accounts paying the same amount each month. Extras include mulching, plant replacement, storm damage, and anything not covered by normal maintenance. I run about 60% commercial and 40% residential. A couple of ways I have grown the business in the past is to give my residential customers a free month for every new yearly contract they got for me. Or give them free mulch for two contracts. The best salesmen are your customers. Now for commercial accounts I used a tried and true program, I threw a party! That's right I used to have a Christmas party and invite my property managers and a couple of property managers that I did no work for and they would talk about our quality of work. I also, invited the board of directors of any of my condos. Let me tell you it sure is hard to replace me after they have had food, deserts, and an open bar! In fact I did this for several years and was never low bidder and still kept the accounts!

    Just my $.02

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