Mailing Postcard Question???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by myoder, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. poolboy

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    You are doing nothing wrong. My only suggestion is to double check the dimensions of the post card, that way you can purchase postcard stamps as opposed to the .37 first class stamp.
  2. myoder

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    Yeah, the current resident on the labels should save some time. And I will make sure that the dimesions are right to get the post card stamps... Thanks I appreciate all the help

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i just sent out 1000 last week . the dimesions i sent were 4x6 and i got the .23 rate for them . the total cost for printing , labels and stamps was only $300.
  4. myoder

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    JKOOPERS, Can you post a pic of the postcard? Especially the back of the postcard so I can see how you organized the mailing address and stamp area...
    Have you received any calls from just sending them out last week yet?
  5. TSM

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    is a good place to create your postcards (click on marketing and promotion)

    personally, i dont like the 'current resident' thing. personalize it with their name. to me 'current resident' is junk mail and doesnt get read. if its addressed to me, much better chance of me reading it

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