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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnboy-, Jun 6, 2005.

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    I have been pondering the idea of mailing out flyers to "current residents" of homes in various areas of the town I live/work in to try and get some more business. My questions are "How do I get my hands on this type of information and/or list?" What's the best way to go about sending these out? Any information would be greatly appreciated. lawnboy-
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    Look up the tax records where you live . You can get a lot of information off the records, such as how much did they pay for the house, what size lot is it, have they made any improvements on it.Some even have a map page so you can see where it is in the neighboorhood. This way you can tell if there are any other's on the same street that you may want. :waving:
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    There's a website out there called "" which is used to look up addresses and phone numbers. There's a link on there for mailing lists. You can search by street names, zip codes, and other things. They do charge for it, but it'll cost you very little compared to the cost of MAILING flyers.

    Why not pay some high school kid $7 an hour to stuff paper boxes? $7 covers only 19 flyers to be mailed! How many can a kid on roller blades put out in an hour?
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    How many can a kid on rollerblades chuck in the trash in an hour??
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    How is your rate of returns on this? Looks good just wanted to know how it workes out for you, for the cost also thanks

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