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  1. vharrison2

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    We just did a target area mailing. In our county you can go on line and get names and addresses in a particular area. This is our first time doing this and I can't wait to see what kind of feed back we get.Only sent 100 out.
  2. derek1

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    Did you mail a post card or a flyer? that is cool your conty can seperate people by area, are county's site is not like that.
  3. vharrison2

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    Put a flyer in the envelope. 37$ for postage. I use micro publisher plant sale flyer and modified it to head line LAWN SERVICE. The template had a leaf, tree then another leaf. Looked real good :cool2:
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi vharrison2,

    How did you do determine which area to send too?
  5. vharrison2

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    A property management group dropped it's maintenance division and gave the people in this development a 30 days notice. So we are targeting that development. The property management company was doing them cheap, way below our minimum. We would have to get quite a few to lower our price, which will be hard at first because we don't know who will jump on board.

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