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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FNCPonds, Aug 15, 2007.

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    I build ponds in the North Texas area. and was wondering how you guys can map out the main line for the irrigation system so i can add my autofill valve for my ponds. Where do you normally run the main line and how would i locate this main line without digging the whole yard up? THanks and any and all advice would be very helpfully Thanks Again

    Cole Frisby
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    Plan "A" there a valve box with a zone valve in the area?
    Plan 'B"..most (I say MOST) contractors run their valve wire under the main or, at least, in the same trench. A 521 locator can show you how close you
    are, if the irrigation contractor was smart (ho ho), he'd had spare wire. Cut
    into his wire & run a "shunt" wire for your refill & hook into the clock with a new valve, got a spare zone @ the clock?,or add
    a "Bob's valve" for manual refill, they look like a toilet float, but work.
    Plan.."C".. you're screwed, blued & tattooed.:)

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    Pretty good chance their is a valve in the backyard. Why don't you spend a little extra and hire a contractor to teach you how to track wire and mainline and put in your autofill. We repair stuff pond people do all the time and tell the customer about what a lousy job the pond people did.
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    Asbuilts are the best way but VERY few contractors supply them to the owner. I think it's because they never learned how to use crayons as a child. :)

    Each system is dependent on the plot plan and what needs to be accomplished. There is no universal method of running main lines.

    Get a wire tracer (i.e. 521 or equivalent) and trace the valves' common wire since most likely it is with the main line and has to go to/through each valve.

    Or... get someone who is a competent witcher (NOT dowser)... not scientific but rather witchcraft.

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