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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GrazerZ, Nov 14, 2004.

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    Ok heres my question. just starting to do some installs this year. Service only before that. Iv'e been told that in Maine you have to have a licensed plumber to do any work on the water source inside of a building.I can do work from point of connection once it is outside of the building. Does this sound correct? Do any know where info on this would be available? Just want to do things right.
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    Check with the local plumbing inspector for your municipality. Each one has a little something different in their codes. They will tell you what work you can do and what work needs to be done by a plumber to make the tap, or install the backflow device, or by an electrician to supply power to the controller.
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    I have done jobs in Maine and have usually had a plumber do all plumbing from the source to the backflow. In speaking with the Plumbing inspector he said he didn't care who did the plumbing as long as it had a backflow preventer.

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