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    anyone have realistic ideas on how to boost efficiency on maintenance crews...? i dont mean installations, spraying, ect....just mow/trim crews.
  2. Southern Heritage

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    Choosing your route. My guys sometimes seem to want to take the "long" way to the job. Box trucks or landscape trucks are much more efficient then truck and trailer set ups. I also have certain jobs for each employe
    That way when they get out there is no debate on who does what. And lets face it you do the same thing day in and day out, you get better and faster.
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    I'm sure you already know this but we've found that windshield time is our biggest time suck on lawn maint. crews. We've gone through and made our routes more compact, so that way were not racing from one side of the city to another and what not. For about 95% of our residential accounts we've found that a 36" and 48"/52" stander for a 2 person crew is the most efficient. Add another 48/52 for a 3 person crew. As long as your running your most efficient mowers I'd take a look at your windshield times.
  4. coolluv

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    Just curious how you come to that conclusion.

    Can you explain?

  5. Southern Heritage

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    We ran trailer/ truck combos for years. Then went a to box trucks and never looked back. There more efficient In traffic and getting to the job. I'm not saying speed but with a. Trailer you often have to slow down and you can't 'weave' if needed. Fuel ups are less since you have such a larger tank. Parking closer to the Job is more efficient. A lot of times you cant stick a 14' trailer and pick up in front of a house. There is no unhooking or hooking up every morning and evening. Then as for the inside with high walls and rooms we can carry everything possibly needed.
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Yea I am not signing off on this either " Box trucks or landscape trucks are much more efficient then truck and trailer set ups "

    And I drive one of the biggest rigs your see the Ram crew cab 4500 with a 9 foot dump is 23 feet from front to the end of the hitch the 20 foot trailer is 25 ft total length making me 48 ft long. Backing up is a ***** I have 3 back ups a week and they are planned in my head way ahead of time. But the cab is very roomy and the ability to take 5-7 yards of grass or leaves while mowing means I can go days with out dumping so no unhooking.

    Fuel ups are for the equipment we do one a week as for the trucks they hold 52 gallons we go 2-4 weeks between fill ups on our work trucks. We do 800-1100 a day mowing with 2 man crew set ups so if they are inefficient I sure ant seeing where.

    But then there are the other advantages we're in New England we need to be able to make them into leaf trucks in fall and to a lesser extend spring. You can not do that with a landscaping or box truck. We also do mulch and top soil jobs with them all the time and its nice to have a truck that can do double duty. It means you don't need to have 2 trucks and the costs and depreciation that goes with that. Also you can slap a plow on them I would much rather go plowing with a low sided or no sided dump truck than a box truck that blocked all vision backing up.

    That's not to say there are no advantages to the box-truck set up security would be one but you'd get that with a enclosed trailer as well. But the ability to fit in otherwise untenable accounts is its one major advantage. And if that was the type of accounts you dealt with then yes it would be important to you. And there are a lot of smaller commercial accounts near me that would be doable with that set up that are presently not. And there are some very very tight neighborhoods that would also become doable that are presently not but by tight I mean 1000 sqft lawns and smaller so basically slums. But when your have 29000 properties in your home town another 50000 in the surrounding areas and more than 90% are reachable with a large truck and trailer why bother with a specialty truck?

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