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What would be a fair price on full service maint. on a high-end,highly landscaped 1 acre property. I'm getting paid up front to clean it up to a maintainable condition then need to give a fair bid for maintenace. There are 5 lawn areas that take approx 2 hrs to mow with a 21" mower. So it may take 2 to 3 hrs a week for one person to do. Any ideas wat to ask for this job?

Marquis Lawn

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If you know how many hours it will take you, just charge them your labor rate x hours + materials. Easy math here.No need to figure out what anyone else charges, they are not going to do the work. Decide how much YOU need to make on the job, without regretting the bid later. No need to lowball, or screw anyone, just charge what you're worth.

Eric ELM

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When you mow this for the clean up, see how long it takes and then you will know exactly how long it takes. The next time you do it, you probably will mow it in less time, but you will get a good idea on how long it takes and how much to charge.

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