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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Green Side Lawn Care, May 13, 2007.

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    i just got new sod put down on my house and have a couple questions?

    1 how much should i be watering it and of course i know your not supposed to let it dry out but can you water to much?

    2 how long does it take for the edges to green up and combine with the other pieces.

    3 when can i start fertilizing it
  2. RAlmaroad

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    Do you have an irrigation system? Is so, what type of rotors, sprayheads do you have?

    Depending on you soil base and in Illinois you probably have a good base that is not sand and it will hold the water, so you've got to be careful. Sandy loose soils require more water than clay based.

    Water every day for two (2) weeks...I'd even give it a little around lunch. You must water deeply, turn the water on and check a spot to see if it is damp 3-4" down. It takes a lot of water, After about a week you can cut down to less time per watering to about an hour, but that sod needs at least 1" of water/week

    Wait till lawn sod starts to grow in about three weeks, plants need the leaves to take in nutrients to the roots, so do not mow until grass is as high as you mower wheels, then mow to the highest settings.

    You could start a little (5 pounds of Product 15-0-15) which has about 1 lb. nitrogen per 1000sq ft. do a second application in a month or so.

    These are just basics and you'll have to judge how much water, but it should stay damp down about 3".

  3. turfsolutions

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    Water, then water, and when your done, water again. I would recommend putting down some Phosphorous to aid in rooting. 10-20-15 or similiar would be a better mix in my opinion. It should have been mixed into the soil if it hasnt already. Hopefully they prepped correctly. Don't let it grow to above 5 inches. Cut often once you start eventually getting it down to 3 inches.
  4. sheshovel

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    Water at least three times a day for at least 10 days,keep it moist not soaking wet, do not allow any of it to dry out completely. Then cut your water to twice a day for a week then once a day for a week then every other that.
    I don't what you are watering with so impossible to peg it down for you.
  5. tremor

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    Watering 3 times a day isn't going to be necessary in all soils. Water to prevent stress. Watch the turf & learn to read the signs of wilting (bluish color & footprints don't rebound right away). Over watering can be bad for the turf too as a shallow root system & fungal diseases will result.
  6. lilmarvin4064

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    I would have put some of Lesco's 14-14-14 (all coated) under the sod.
  7. Runner

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    I agree with Tremor. I was going to say...watering TOO often holds water in the sods surface itself, and discourages rooting to grow other words, shallow roots. Like was stated, different soils will absorb water at different levels - at different rates. One trick is, just to slightly lift the sod occasionally at the seams (only once per check - and at different places) to check and see how moist the soil is getting and staying. You want to be watering deep enough to get to the bottom of the root systems and into the soil surface.
  8. dcgreenspro

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    Maybe tilling into the soil but never in direct contact. Plus, most sod I have ever dealt with are already pumped to the max and doesn't need fert. As far as watering, it depends on temps but you should not treat this like growing in new grass ie, deep and infrequent. Make that sod try and float away, keep it wet and it will root for you inside of a week. Don't ever do the root check by pulling up the sod, when it starts growing and you can cut it, then you know you have roots.
  9. boats47

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    Along with the whole water thing, aerate the crap out of the lawn next spring. You could probally get away with once this late fall as well, depending on root growth.

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