Maintaining 9000 sqr ft of bed.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RyanD, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. RyanD

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    I am bidding on a job that consists of weeding and watering 9000 sqr ft of bed. The bed is not within a reasonable distance to a water supply. I will have to truck it in. I think I have this part worked out. But, they also want the bed weeded. I am a solo operator and can't see myself having the time to weed this thing by hand. Do most just use roundup to control weeds in beds. I understand there is a drift hazard. Thanks
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    That is a lot of hand weeding to do.
    The use of pre emergents, such as snapshot, etc are good tools to help supress the growth. Then if the weeds grow in places roundup pro or simmular gylosophate product will kill the weeds.

    All of this info is no good if you are not licensed to use pesticides in your state.
  3. RyanD

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    I'm not certified to apply pesticides in my state... yet. I have been studying and will be taking the test this month. I'm just in the process of submitting a bid and want to make sure I understand the best way prevent weeds in the existing bed. Thanks for your help Premo.
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    I have a similar maintenance job that I take care of weekly. I don't have to bring in water, but I maintain 11,300 sq ft of flower beds and landscaped areas around a 5 acre estate. I normally set aside 4 to 6 hours/wk to take care of it, and found that the best way to bid it was hourly. Since they are my favorite customers I also free up time whenever they call for emergency services. As for weed control I use preen, and then weed by hand for anything that it doesn't control.

  5. kirk brown

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    that is a kicka$$ garden, nice job!
  6. work_it

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    Thank you. That pic was taken in the spring right after I finished the design and install, so not everything is in full bloom yet. She (my customer) has some favorites that I have to incorperate into the design each year. Other than that my design changes from year to year as well as my plant selection. This is a before pic of that area.

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    I was asked to give an estimate for weed control on 8000 sq ft of flower beds. The customer asked that the weeds be pulled weekly and flowers pruned after they have bloomed. They also wanted me to do a fall cleanup. I am planning on liberally spreading a pre-emergent(snapshot, treflan, or trifluralin) in the spring and early summer so I do not have to pull many weeds. Which pre-emergent is the best? Those of you with experience, what can I expect? What is a ball park figure for this bid? Is it worth the hassle?
  8. work_it

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    It's always worth it to me. It's not easy work, but I enjoy it a heck of a lot more than mowing. The only thing I hate is when I forget to spray my socks and waisteband with cutters or deep woods off. The darn chiggers chew me apart.

    As mentioned before, I mainly use preen for weed control. If a very hearty plant is producing an abundance of flowers I'll let a couple flowers go to seed while dead-heading the rest of the faded ones. When they're ready I collect the seeds and plant them in areas I'd like to have them located the next year, and plot those areas on a detailed diagram. It's not 100% foolproof, but it's yeilded decent results over the last 3 years as long as I'm careful with the preen.

    As for any other chemicals, I mainly use ferts and acid wash (on acid loving plants), and sevendust (sparingly) to control japanese beetles. Just be careful not to use the sevendust around bees. If you don't like the sevendust I've tried a couple natural alternatives that worked well. I bought a bunch of preying mantis and dragon flies (about 50 each) and they had a field-day in the gardens that summer. Just make sure that the breeds you buy are indiginous to your region.

    Here's a couple pics I took in July.

  9. work_it

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    And another from a different angle...


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