Maintaining a Dog Club & Park & home on 12 Acres

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by MacMitch, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I agree about getting a diesel. My neighbor has a Kubota ZD323 and its not so much thats its that much quieter then my Z820a gas engine, its that the noise is at a different pitch, which to me is less annoying.
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    I love the Ventrac! If I had enough land, I would own one! It is a great machine!
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    I was reading about the new Hustler Super Zs, and found a dealer near me. He has a new 60" Super Z that he is putting together. He will call me after the 4th when it is together so I can try it out. This dealer also carries Scag, so I guess I can see both.

    I like the marketing info. on the Super Z..... 5Yr-3000 hr warranty on motor and hydraulics sounds very attractive. The one I will look at has a rear discharge deck. I am concerned about flinging materials on dogs and people. I see no way around mowing with members around. There were people & dogs on my grass at 7AM yesterday. Our park opens at dawn. The dealer says he sells the rear discharge mowers to school systems that have to mow where there are kids running around. I also hope the engine with the dual pipes and large muffler will be quiet, although anything will be quiet compared to my diesel tractor.

    I see people mentioning demoing mowers. Will most/some dealers let buyers try one of these beasts on home property before buying?

    I don't think I am interested in some kind of combo machine. I find it preferable to rent big heavy machines like Excavators when I have big jobs and the tractor with loader handles most of my regular needs well. Since I am around 1500 hrs on my tractor I am thinking I may have to replace it if I continue to use it to do the mowing. MY idea is to reduce the work load on the tractor with the ZT and at the same time get a machine that will free up some time, a major issue for me. I am fairly confident that a ZT will make a much nicer cut than the big heavy tractor with a loader, finishing mower & big turf tires on it.

    I wonder about blades for these mowers. I know there is a large selection. I expect I have a higher probability of hitting sticks and I frequently mow over or around wood chips. A few wood chips get pulled up by the mower vacum, although maybe less with a rear discharge. I was thinking about flatter heavier blades?

    I am very interested in hearing what people have to say about rear discharge ZT's and the new Hustlers.
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    That will be a nice machine. Wood chips and sticks on that mower I wouldn't think would be a problem. Those blades are pretty stout. You're gonna spend a lot less time mowing with that machine!
  6. MacMitch

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    Thanks for the reply Popeye.

    Maybe I am on the right track. I looked at the BB's but they do not offer a rear discharge which in my case may be a deal breaker. The finishing mower I am using on my tractor is a rear discharge and it has served me well, although the cut quality is not that great. I think SCAG offers a rear discharge ZT too and since the dealer I will go to carries both...

    Does anyone know anything about the optional cushioned front forks for the Super Z? Although the property I am mowing is not rough enough for me to have to worry about hitting dirt, rocks, stumps... it is still not as level as most yards and it makes for a rough ride on the tractor at higher speeds. The tractor has nothing to reduce the jolts and the big heavy Woods front end loader's weight tends to make it worse once it starts bouncing. I drop rotted chips in any spots that hold water or cause me any other sort of problem so the ground will get better and better.

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    That's a nice, very nice mower being the Super Z. My friend puppypaws,

    puppypaws mail page

    owns a 60 inch Super Z with a 28hp Kohler EFI, with Flex Forks and suspension seat. He owns a farm in NC. He and his wife mow every day. Puppypaws says they mow at 10 mph and faster. He couldn't do those speeds without the Flex Forks and suspension seat. The Super Z is a 14 mph mower. Contact him on his mail pace. Puppy is a real life expert on Super Z's, and mowing plenty of grass in real life.

    Tell him I sent Ya!
  8. Popeye77

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    My vote is for the cushioned forks. My ZTR is not as bouncy as the tractor but my next one will be a Ferris or at least a suspension seat. Mowing large acreage you get kinda tired of being bounced around. I would go for the cushioned forks your butt and back will thank you. Remember you will be mowing at a higher speed than the tractor and those bumps get sharper the faster you go.
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    Right, I don't notice the rough ride the first hour. Once one starts getting tired, you realize you are getting worn out from countering all the shaking and jerks with muscle action. I sometimes just stop fighting the motion of the tractor to see what it does to my body, the result is a little frightening. I really think a good deal of my problem is the loader on the tractor. It causes everything to bounce much worse. All that weight on the end of the light tractor levers the whole thing all over the place.
  10. MacMitch

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    So I looked at the Super Z today and liked it a great deal. Only thing I am not sure about is it is a monster, bigger than I thought. I am a little concerned that it might be a little big for the wife. I had to move the seat most of the way up for my feet to hit the foot bar, I am 5'10 she is 5'4''. At the same time I'm not sure her feet need to reach the front bar.

    The sales guy was telling me that it was best to run the engine at close to full throttle which confuses me a little. I know there is something about the hydraulics needing to be
    at higher pressures or something But does this relate directly to engine speed? I liked running the machine at a little lower throttle as it was much quieter. Maybe someone can explain this principal to me as the literature I have does not seem to cover it for some reason.

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