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    Close to full throttle? He should have said FULL THROTTLE! Small engines are designed to run at full throttle for efficient cooling. Same thing for the hydro system. My buddy puppypaws wife does most of his mowing on the chicken ag farm everyday. I don't think she's a very big woman. I don't think puppy is real big man. I've gotten to where I don't even use the foot bar much any more. I kind of cross my legs at the ankles for the most part just kicking back and enjoying the ride. Big rigs are nice for big areas.
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    They are designed to be be run at full throttle.
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    Right, full throttle.

    Problem is I believe the dealers I have been to have been setting the mowers at low throttle since I am not an experienced ZT "pilot". The dealer today had me drive the Super Z at full throttle. So vs the other machines I have tested I am no longer sure which ones would be comparatively least noisy. I know the 60" 31hp Kawasaki I drove was much louder at full throttle.

    I also think I did not interpret the Hustler warranty correctly. The Warranty is 5 year/3000 hours on Pumps & Motors. At first, I thought the "Motors" would be the engine, now I am thinking they are talking about the "Wheel Motors" Parker TG0280. I guess the 3000 hr warranty is on the new parts in the HyperDrive system. I have read very little positive information on the 31hp Kawasaki and less on the 37hp, maybe an option. I understand they are both gas guzzlers. The Hustler site on line only lists those two engines and only the 31hp for the rear discharge, which is what the dealer told me. The brochure he gave me listed two other engine options, a Kohler Command 27hp and a Kohler Command EFI 29hp.

    The dealer also told me that the X-One was not available with rear discharge. The brochure lists the 54" deck as available with a 24hp Kawasaki and Rear discharge. It also list a 60" model with Kawasaki 26hp that can be either side or rear discharge. He said the brochure was new so maybe they are offering some new engine options.

    The two Kawasaki engines are listed as FX's, on line, not sure what those are. The dealer did show me a small "oil cooler" on the side of the Kawasaki 31hp engine that he said was a special feature Hustler ordered on their Kawasaki engines.

    So I still have some research to do. Any light anyone can throw on the subject is greatly appreciated. I sent PuppyPaws a PM as Ms Surveyor suggested earlier in this thread.
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