maintaining the infield / outfield lip

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by jlouki01, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. jlouki01

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    What method do you guys use to maintain your infield outfield lip? Bed edger annually? How do you keep it sharp?
  2. Rtom45

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    Thats one of those jobs where the more often you do it, the better your results. An edger works, as long as the operator is conscientious and careful. We also find it helpful to make a pass along all edges with a push mower every time we mow the field.
  3. bug-guy

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    i went to a infield seminar recently(i have little exper. here)put on by pro's chioce and the guy said after play they would water from the grass to the clay with the big hose and it would keep the clay from piling up so the balls wouldn't take that wicked bounce.
  4. Bliss

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    Like mentioned above the water works great. A huge help is when grooming the infield stay a foot or more away from the edge and hand drag to the lip. If you already do both you will be laughing. Maybe a resodding at the end of the season and releveling also helps for the season.
  5. handzel05

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    Yes, the two guys above are right. Also, since i was on the Grounds Crew of a baseball team, i can give some knowledge too. What we did before the homestands was edge the infield/outfield so it would be sharp enough and look professional, if not handy with an edger, use a string that you can string it out and just follow that along the infield. After a homestand, we would use our big hose to blow the edges which collected the pro's choice and the lip would be back to normal and after you blow the edges with water, wait a day or so and leaf rake the collected pro's choice/grass then just use a spreader to mix in the new/fresh pro's choice on the infield. A useful tool would be the Pro's Choice website, it helps out a lot.
  6. jlouki01

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    I ended up using a bobcat to get the lip out. These lips were 3-4' wide 2-5" above grade. These were serious. All 30 fields:)

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