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I have already bid on this hotel maintenance job so im just wondering what others come up with.......

32 mowings.......15,000sq ft with about 5000 sq feet steep hills, ditches, etc, little trimming necessary, edge curbs and sidewalks(75 linear ft)

Aeration 2 times per year on above mentioned lawn

Overseed twice with seed, fert and lime

Prune 125 shrubs, carrisa hollies, crepe myrtles

Prune 12 small ornamental trees, remove low limbs, damaged limbs(mainly bradford pears)

Mulch beds, 32 cu. yrds mulch for 5226.64 sq ft of shrub beds, topdress with 2" mulch(triple shredded hardwood)

Edge all shrub beds
Pre-Emergent applied after mulch

12 month weed control for sidewalks and 6,000sq ft parking lot, mulch beds

Spring cleanup on entire property, roughly 1/2 acre

Fall cleanup

12 month(weekly) parking lot blowing

Need any other info just let me know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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