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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by klkanders, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. klkanders

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    For those of you that perform maintenance on accounts are you sending them a regular invoice or a postcard? I have heard of both. The postcard could be done up nice with company logo and on the back side have a listing of services normally performed with a box or something to check if that particular thing was done. Also could have a comments area on bottom where date and charge for this visit could be written in. Or " No charge falls in free service period ".
    Ideas, thoughts or examples?

  2. Chris J

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    Because most of our installations are in gated communities, and we can't get in unless the homeowner notifies the gate, I developed the habit of calling my customers the night before. I will tell them what we are coming to do, and ask that they remember to call the gate.
    It is a good idea to leave some sort of notice that you were there. I like the idea of a door hanger with the info you just described. My idea of it would be a written paragraph stating that we stopped by today to service your lighting system. Then it would have check boxes listing the typical service items. I would also put a perforated portion at the bottom for any charges and the mailing address.
    The customer does need to know you have been there though. If not, your efforts are in vein and the customer may start to wonder why they send you those checks every year.
  3. David Gretzmier

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    I like the idea of a door hanger. I believe most chemical companies leave a baggie on the door with the invoice, and any instructions and sales literature in the bag. I usually send bills or call and collect.
  4. Eden Lights

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    We have a check list style format with the Customers Name and their current contract expiration date that is premade and filled out with used items and findings in the field. I always hand write a personel note and sign each one of them. If the client is receiving a invoice we always do that by mail.
  5. Lite4

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    The only problem with door hangers is sometimes they get blown off the door by the wind and then wind up laying under a shrub and then get sprayed by the sprinklers or rained on. They wind up in the trash. The idea of a door hanger bag that you could rubber band to the door would probably work though.
  6. klkanders

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    Good Ideas and info....thanks everyone!


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