maintenance on bp blowers and trimmers

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    Hey guys, im pretty rook when it comes to maintenance, hell even that may be an understatement. I haven't been running any maintenance on the trimmers or blowers and ive noticed that they begun to lose a little power ( the back packs atleast). Nothing major, just not what they used to be. I run echo 770 and redmax 8500z (almost want an excuse to get rid of the echo and get another redmax, power is way better at peak performance). They are both noticeably a little less blow power, any insight on how to get them back to prime condition? It could also be the shitty gas/oil 2 cycle mix ive been using so im not sure.

    The trimmers i use are 225 straight pole trimmer and a 265 power head with trimmer/hedger/edger attachment.

    The trimmer is in real bad shape, needs oil/gunk clean off it but it still runs real well.

    It's time to learn to take crap apart and keep my stuff running nice, just not sure exactly what im doing and would like to know from the best,
    Thanks guys!
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    1. When you store your machine do you run them completely empty... Then try and re-start several times to make sure there is absolutely no gas left in carburetor or primer bulb.

    2. Use good oil. Amsoil 2 stroke full synthetic is a good oil.

    3. Remove mesh screen from exhaust housing. Takes all of a minute. Helps with carbon build up.

    4. Take exhaust off and clean thoroughly at end of each season to remove any gunk.

    5. With all the ethanol in fuel these days I always use a fuel stabilizer in every tank. I fill up each machine and has tank with fuel stabilizer.

    6. New plug each season and clean/check filter regularly.

    7. Greece head on trimmer.

    If you have not done these things in a while I would take carb off of each machine and clean thoroughly.
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