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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jak, Nov 12, 2006.

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    I have been operating a design build buisness for about 6 years now in a very rural area. The residence here either have alot, or no money. We have alot of guys out their cutting grass but none of them do it well enough for me to recommend them to my higher end clients.
    I intend to enter the market on a limited basis this spring. I need some help on pricing/time. I intend to offer a full service. Chem. applications, edging, mulch, hand and chem. weeding the whole enchilada.
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    Hi Jak welcome to lawn site. You are entering a slippery slope my friend. Design build maint is the best of all worlds if you have the right employees.

    I put it like this, design build is like a date, your in-your out, everyone gets what they want, no problems. Good dates are much easier to get than a good marriage which is what maintenance is. You have to be there week in week out year after year and always be on your game. If you or rather your employees drop the ball suddenly your the bad guy and it does not matter to the customers if they are completely different parts of the business all they hear about is the poor service you provided. In short poor maintenance service can loose you landscape work.

    I know about this first hand because I got my start in management by a guy like you who's maint crew was loosing him Landscape jobs. He hired me to run the maintenance division, such as it was 30 accounts or so bringing in about 3-K per month. He had to pay me that much and I was not working in the field just putting out fires and checking work. He had to subsidize the maint division for about a year before we were making money.

    Just a word of caution, and the install guys have a different mentality than maintenance guys so don't expect to have your install guys do maint for a day or to a week. Completely different skill set especially for high end full service.

    I would consider these things some before entering the market. I am a horrible at typing this post has taken me 20 min already so I'm out but I would be happy to discuss this on a phone conversation 602-750-0574 its just too much to type.

    BTW I just provide full service maintenance for upscale residential clients so you are talking about my bread and butter.

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