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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AllSeasonsAllReasons, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. AllSeasonsAllReasons

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    Could you guys provide a maintenance schedule for your equipment? One that seems to work the best for you? Some of my stuff i bought used so i don't know the maintence schedule for all of it! THANKS GUYS
  2. motor86

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    On four stoke engines, replace the oil and clean air cleaner every 25 hours, more if dusty. If you are using this equiptment commercially, I would change the oil and air cleaner every other day. It doesn't cost much.

    Many say to sharpen blades every day. I would sharpen them at least once a week if you do a lot, but sharpening them more often will let you go faster.

    On two strokes, clean the exhaust port of carbon build ups every 100 hours. Clean the air filter every 25 or more if dusty.

    Grease all grease zerks every day. On strait shaft trimmers, put more grease in the gear head every 15 or so hours of use.

    Everyone has their own opinion, so don't expect everyone to aggree with one method. Remember, maintenance is cheaper than replacement parts.
  3. Shack

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    Every other day, yeah right. That is money wasted.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Schedules vary from machine to machine and engine to engine. Tell us specifically what you have and we'll help you out.
  5. Guest
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    I agree with motor86 except for changing the air filter and oil every other day. That seems excessive to me. We clean out the air filter once a week and replace it twice a year. We change the oil every 40 hours.
  6. inside-out

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    I would change oil & Filter at least every 25 hours, air filter once a week unless really dusty, sharpen blades almost every day depending on how fast grass is growing, spring I usually sharpen every night, in middle summer every other night or every three days.

    What do the rest of you guys do for Trimmers and blowers?
  7. TJLC

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    I think there was a maintance sch. in, I think, the feb issue of turf magazine. Wouldn't the owners manual also help? Your dealer should also be able to help with this. PLUS all the great advise you will get here. Good luck
  8. Scraper

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    Changing oil every 25 hours? Once a week? Bit excessive if you ask me...although I'm sure the oil companies would like for you to do that. ;)
  9. kutnkru

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    Unfortunately our machines get more tear than wear reunning the long hours that they do so we take the "extra" efforts to keep them running smoothly.

    Each piece of equipment we try to clean nightly but wont go more than every other day in some cases depending on hours of use. All amchines are greased after cleaning to prevent getting debris into the zerks after the days events.

    Hand held equipment is gone over every 3rd day to clean carbs/screens/and such. Trim Mowers(21") are cleaned and inspected weekly because they just basically sit at the shop.

    Deck mowers are gone over nightly to clean the air filters, remove dust/minor debris from inside the carb areas, check for broken linkage or kotter pins/keys. Tire pressure is adjusted if needed, and all blade sets for each unit are re-sharpened nightly as well, deck belts and hydro rez. are checked as well.

    Hopr this helps.

  10. awm

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    To be honest maintenance one area is going to be different
    from another. Also how dirty is work your doing.
    If i was mowing damp areas etc keep oil looking clean
    an grease say weekly.If I was doing leaves or it was
    dry sandy etc . I would expect to clean every thing
    every day except oil.Again I just mke sure oil looks
    like it did when I put it in.

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