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    My neighbor mows commercially. He has a toro hydrostatic walk behind with a brigs twin.. He also has a toro z mower with twin kohler.. He wants me do do the maintenance before the season starts, then through out the season.. Now what do i need to check and/or change before the season starts?? or any links to schedules or what ever..

    Thanks a bunch... Snapper
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    Heres a quick checklist that we follow.
    (engine maintenance)
    Engine: Change oil and filter
    Change air filter and pre filter
    Change fuel filter
    Clean out cooiling fins
    Check fuel lines for wear and deterioration
    Drain fuel from tank and run unit out of fuel

    Battery: Check electrolyte level and specific gravity of electrolyte,
    clean and charge battery. Keep battery on a trickle
    charger if possible, keep battery from freezing.

    Chasis: Lube all fittings and controls
    Check tires and set psi
    Check all belts and pulleys
    Check for cracks

    Mower: Clean deck thoroughly
    Sharpen blades or replace if the kerfs are getting thin
    Check for cracks in deck

    Hydro: If applicable, Check or change fluid and filter as
    per manufactures specifications.

    This is the basic service that we perform on our Landscapers equipment during winter storage. Tune-ups are a bit more indepth.
    During the mowing season we change the oil, check the air filter(s) and grease the machine at least once a week. We also encourage our landscapers to change the hydro fluid every 250 hours.

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