Maintenance Service Contract Template

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by frank's lawncare, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. frank's lawncare

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    from PA
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    Is this just a waste of money??? i was thinking of writing my own contract/proposal but i don't know where to start. Would this be a good idea to just buy it and revising it into my own. If any one can send me some thing like this contract agreement so i can get a idea of my own.

  2. Cooper Landscaping

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    Franks Lawncare-
    check over in the Elements of business forum or the just starting in business forum. There are many examples of contracts and such. If youre more interested in buying and adapting to your business, has them along with many other things. If I';m not mistakin Sean, the owner of LS owns LCS also.

  3. jeff_0

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    i bought the one from lawncaresuccess.. i don't think it's worth it.. anyone with a little experise can write one like lawncaresuccess has.

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