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Run stabilzer. Add to fuel tank and run equipment for 5 minutes. Grease all fittings, change oil and take battery out if have one and should be ready for spring.


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Flint, Michigan
Clean your equipment (excess grease, grass under deck, cooling fins, etc) Fix and adjust as needed as well. By the time spring rolls around you might forget what some of these things are. I know I forget.


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i got a question about fuel stabilizer did any1 else ever run fuel stabilizer mixed with gas and keep running the machine on lawns .i understood that u use it to winterizize your machine and store it to spring.but i tried running them still and i just had to get carb work done is because i used to much or i shouldnt use stabilizer to mow just winterize engines and store machines thanx

Richard Martin

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ronslawncare had a question and my answer is:

If desired fuel stabilizer should be safe to use year round.

It is safe to use in the machines while you cut grass.

Since I am probably on my last 5 gallon can of 2 stroke mix for the year I have treated the gas in it with stabilizer and I have not noticed any effects in my blowers.

Most fuel stabilizers actually help clean gum and dirt from carbs much like fuel injector cleaners. Your need to get the carb repaired could have been caused by the fuel stabilizer loosening up dirt or gum.

If you are using Kaw single cylinder engines there is a screen inside the carb fuel bowl that is suppossed to be serviced (cleaned) every 50 hours. This could have been your problem. With the exception of myself I have never seen or heard of anyone doing this PM.


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.All of the above is correct...a little fogging oil in the ports can't hurt either.The main thing is the STABILZER in the 2 stroke will make your spring start-up much nicer.Good Luck JOHN

John DiMartino

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I always fog all my 2 strokes,just to keep rust from forming inside the crankcase or cylinder.Make sure you clean the mower deck spotless underneath,or atleast spray it with wd 40 if you dont repaint it.I also plug up my exhausr and air intakes so that mice cant get in.In spring check cooling fins real good,any nests will overheat the engine and likely blow it up if not found.I had a mice nest all around the fan one year,I never knew it was there,until my dog started scratching at it and tried to tear the pull starter off of the engine,he saved me an engine job.Spray ant bare metl like rollers or throttle linkage with wd0 now,itll work like new in the spring,instead of rough from rust.Make sure you grease every fitting to drive out any water in the spindles or bushings.

little green guy

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I pressure wash all my equipment at the end of the season, then paint anything that needs it, change the oil, change the hydro oil/filter, grease, spark plug, fuel filters, air filters and blades. I go over everything, tighten all the lose bolts, do any other repairs that I'm too busy to do during the season and get everything like new so we can beat it to death again next year.