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Discussion in 'Employment' started by kkls2006, Jan 11, 2007.

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    In the spring Of 07 I plan on hiring a New maintenance Supervisor, When I do this I would like to have a Job Description already in place. This should entail what his job duties are and what will be expected of him/her as well as company policy. Just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas?????
  2. kkls2006

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    Bump.. Help this guy out. Some of you old pro's can give KKLS some good guidlines
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    Hi kkls2006,

    Believe it or not I'm in Westfield.

    Regarding your need for a job description, its pretty wide open depending on what you want them to do.

    I'm assuming you're looking stricktly for a lawn maintenance (mow, trim....) supervisor to watch over a crew????

    Start out with one quick paragraph that defines the overall job---whatever you think is the main function of the position:

    "Supervise a crew of xx employees in the maintenance division. Maintain service schedule and keep equipment up to date as required".

    Then, just bullet out what major duties there are---such as:

    * Evaluate employee performance, organize and implement training to improve overall crew performance.
    * monitor weekly time schedules to identify areas for improvement.
    * record all maintenance activities with respect to expenses, employee time off, and equipment needs.
    * maintain all equipment in good working order--order spare parts as needed.
    *resolve any issues with customers with a positive attitude.
    *upsell other company functions as appropriate.
    *perform other duties as assigned by manager.

    Then add some small stuff, such as global issues.....

    *maintain a safe working environment at all times.
    *work overtime as required
    *communicate with manager as required to maintain schedule and support other business departments.

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