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Maintis or Redmax mini tiller


LawnSite Member
Central Texas
Read another thread about the Redmax mini tiller and was wondering what yall thought would be the best. The Mantis 7222e mini tiller($280) or the Redmax CV225 mini tiller($250). Anybody use either of these?


LawnSite Senior Member
I have 2 mantis tillers. I like them. We use them for turning over smaller flower beds. One thing I've noticed though. The screws holding the shrouding around the engine sometimes get loose, so we need to check for that occasionally. Otherwise, theyve been fine.


LawnSite Member
Gulf Breeze, FL
The RedMax is a Mantis tiller. They do some type of trade out (Komatsu supplies engines/Mantis supplies the rest). We have the RedMax and it is a tough little machine. Does a lot more work than you would expect.

One Degree

LawnSite Member
I have 2 Mantis Tillers. I use them for tilling up beds before I landscape them. They are the most deceiving tool I have used. Little machine to dig so hard. I use them in lots of rock and they work good.