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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Charles, Aug 28, 2000.

  1. Charles

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    Saw on the news tonight the La nina has faded away. Within 6 to 10 days meteoroligist on this report said the weather patterns will shift to a more southerly jet stream. Bringing rain and cooler weather to the southern states. Including califorinia, arizona, texas, etc. Ya right. lol I believe it when I see it. A shift like this should mean that the northern states should dry out some. A little late for all of us though. Now we will be in a pattern of neutral nina I guess. Well they said a neutral boring pattern with less extremes. I can live with that. Oh yea they said this pattern should last at least a year or more.

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  2. dhicks

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    The weather person may be right on. Not much rain in my neck of the woods, Frederick, MD. The rains either move to the north and hit Baltimore or go south and hit D.C.

    This spring we could give rain away and now we can't buy it. Hurumph!
  3. greenflag

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    I hope the weather guessers are right. We just set an all time record today in our 59th straight day with no measurable rain. Combine that with 40+ days over 100 degree temps and some lawns are crispy critters. We have one 3 acre property where most doesn't get watered and newly sharpened blades are rounded off by the time we get finished bludgeoning the hard grass. You should see the striping!!! We'll maybe post some pictures of our *signature* lawn.

    David Burrow
  4. Charles

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    I dont see how you people in texas are making it. its a sad thing to see on the new. Picture of cracked earth and starving cattle. At least we get rain these days about every 2 weeks and it hasnt been over 95 lately. I really hope they are right for your sake and the flooded north. And too we could use a big improvement. This weather has cost me alot of money also
  5. geogunn

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    from TN
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    I've been hit hard by the drought lately. none of my residentials irrigate and few water their lawns. commercials are still hanging in there.

    if it weren't for crabgrass I'd be in deep fooey. bless those frondy foot tall seed pods! as a bottom feeder, each time I mow it's like money in the bank.

  6. eggy

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    I understand the drought to much. This time last year in Indiana everything was dead. I looked at my records for last august and many customers didnt even recieve one mowing. But hang in there....this year rebounded well...holpfully next year will for you.
  7. greenflag

    greenflag LawnSite Member
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    We just got started acouple months ago, and fortunately all of our clients are year-round accounts so we make money whether we mow or not. It's gravy now, but come spring thundershowers....
    David Burrow

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