Major Cometiter went out of business

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mike33, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Mike33

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    I live in a small area with about 7-8 rep. landscape contractors. I do new yard installs, srw, and hydro-seed. I have 185 bobcat, hoe attm., rock hound, and pallet forks. Im a 2 man company been in business for 10 years now with no debt. My largest competer with all the big toys, 30 men called it quits and is going out of business mid. sept. He did good work and was very expensive. I was talking to another contractor about it and he said now is the time for heavy advertisement and maybe hire some of his guys. I make a good living of what i do now, what should the approach be for me. I thought just lay back my phone will ring more, why spend more money in advertisement? The other guy who wants to go bigger and is fairly bigger is busy and had some isues with help in his business. Or should i go in debt for more eq.? I like having the control of my business i work every job.
  2. MMLawn

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    What the heck is a "Cometiter"
  3. crab

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    h'm make a good living already?why would you consider hiring more people when you don't even have the work yet.if you're fine so what if he did good work,and i assume he didn't charge enough.if the the work comes to you fine, doesn't sound like you wont have any one to hire. stay small keep it all.
  4. crab

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    i believe its inter galactic competition
  5. dcondon

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  6. richallseasons

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    I dont think this is the proper forum for that kind of topic:laugh:
  7. Randy J

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    Whatever else you do, I certainly wouldn't go into debt on the basis of a maybe.
  8. Mike33

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    Thanks every one for your advise , sorry for mispelling competion. I was leaning that way and staying small. I have control of my business now, and it is hard to find employes. I had a guy once tell me that was in the trucking business that it was fine to own and operate 1, but if your thinking on buying a second truck buy 30 it is a hassle. Yes this guy retiring is the king in our area and did do good work. I just had a customer call me today to look at a job he was supposed to do for them and can not do it before he retires and reffered me.
  9. Randy J

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    Congrats on the referral and good luck with the extra work.
  10. Pro-Scapes

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    why advertise if he is reffering you. I would go talk to him. Maybe pop him a percentage on refferals. Refferals build more confidence from your clients than any advertising.

    I would talk to him tho thats for sure. Maybe even pick up some of his used equipment if your going to get that busy or see if he will do a lease on it to you or rent it as needed then when your busy enough to justify it buy it

    Personally I like being smaller. Im busy enough I book myself 4 days a week full then leave 1 day for overflow or the pronto small job. unfortunatly this week I will be stuck working through the weekend on lighting.

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