Major engine problems with my 2007 Wright Stander

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    Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me out very quickly with this issue! I have a 07 stander, 52 inch deck with the 19hp kawasaki FH580V engine. It has about 601 hrs on it. Earlier this spring we replaced the valve seal in the right side(right meaning standing behind the mower and to the the right). Today, however, I blew a tire halfway through a job and went back replace it when all of a sudden is began running on one cylinder. The intake valve seems to be stuck open(the same one that was replaced) and the rocker arm is loose and came off the pushrod and bent the pushrod. Any suggestions on a fix for this? A new head? I'm not sure if the piston is damaged yet or not, will check tomorrow tho. If it does need a new head, whats the price range? Or is this a thing with these engines and do you suggest getting an entire new/different engine? This is going to be a major hindrance if i can't get this resolved quickly. I'm a small time landscaper and this is my only mower

    Thanks everyone!
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    My 2000 Ferris with the 23hp Kaw engine had a similar problem; shop determined that some carbon build-up in the valve guide or on the valve stem had caused the valve to seize. In our case the rocker arm support stud broke and had to be replaced. After the second occurrence we replaced the head on that side and gave the engine a good flush. With over 2000 hours on it that machine is a backup machine. A good mechanic can fix it for you but the parts may take a few days. Good luck.
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    we had the same problem with our 36, the shop showed me where there was some blow by on the valve covers and caused the grass to fill up the fins on both sides. the grass and oil was heating up and causing the valves to bend. we replaced the one side but he said that if one went the other is close behind. so i sold it, but check that

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