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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by macmackgrass, Apr 14, 2003.

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    I am starting late into this field but am willing to work hard. I am looking for advice on what I need, including contract information, legal knowledge, advertising expertise. I will be starting this part time with my girlfriend and son who have been extremely helpful with creating business cards, fliers, and spreading the word. Please give any advice that will help me with speeding up the process of getting it started. I will be going full time once I get enough clients and knowledge.

    I have read other forums and have gotten great advice, but it seems that most of you are in the north and I live in an area that is either very populated or the true country folks who do their own yard. Competition is also extreme.

    Please help. :eek:
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    Mac -

    I would wager that you'll be terribly dissapointed with the responses you get to your questions - or pleas for help. I'll help you out a little with a suggestion. Use the SEARCH button above to search past threads regarding certain topics. If you want to know about contracts, marketing, etc. type that it. After doing your research - you'll ask better questions that we can answer.

    It's not that people won't respond - but there is very little advice to give when you don't know what you need to begin with.

    I hope you continue to ask questions as you progress on your journey or quest for information!
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    First of all, good luck to you. I am 52 and just started out this year myself.

    I found out really fast that getting folks to go with you on a contract is really hard when you are just starting out. The well known lawn care operators have all the best accounts tied up in this area.

    I tryed the flyers, door knocking and newspaper. My best response by far has come from the paper. I have started with weekly and bi-weekly mow accounts and no contracts. I got number 16 yesterday and it was my first referal.

    I think after a company gets several accounts and some steady income and the company name known, then I think it can get some contracts.

    Keep us posted on how it goes for you. Dj
  4. macmackgrass

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    I have 8 accounts available to start within the next 2 weeks, I have decided to go part time in this business this year since I was late starting and stay on my full time job. I am still working on getting more contract so that I have the business steady building.

    Thanks for the advice guys

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