Major Lawn Problems in Kokomo,IN Help!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1966vette, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Hello Elite Grass Owners!

    I’m new to this forum and I am seeking help with my Kokomo, IN lawn, 60 mi north of Indy!
    Ten years ago, I spot seeded my 2 year old bluegrass lawn with Pennington’s Contractors Mix Grass seed. It contained a mixture of bluegrass, rye and K31. The K31 grows fast, in clumps and is very unsightly in a bluegrass lawn. Thus, Sept 25th I spot sprayed the K21 with roundup and kill off about ¼ of my one acre of grass. Then the weather got wet and it became too late in the season to sow elite Kentucky bluegrass for 2009.

    I now plan to dormant seed my lawn after thanksgiving and want to use a premium grass seed. The local seed and feed store recommended Cisco Execu-turf grass seed for my application. Has anyone used this type of grass seed in central Indiana? Can you please share your results? I like the description of Premium Sod Blend but I’m worried about the high maintenance. I’m OK with mowing once a week & fertilizing 2-3X a year but find it almost impossible to water an entire acre of grass with portable sprinklers and hoses. I want the best grass seed I can get.

    Are these completive prices for grass seed? There is no discount for purchasing these items in 25# bags.

    Thanks in advance for helping!

    9PSOD Premium Sod Blend (3 lb/1000 sq ft) ........................3.95+
    25% NuDestiny Kentucky Bluegrass 15% Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass
    25% Impact Kentucky Bluegrass 10% Bewitched Kentucky Bluegrass
    25% Beyond Kentucky Bluegrass
    *A beautiful lawn of top rated Kentucky Bluegrass varieties
    *Excellent disease resistance *Use in full sun to partial shade
    *Requires higher maintenance (more watering and fertilizer)
    Stock # Mix/Blend Name Price/#

    9EXEC Executive® Sun Mix (4-5 lb/1000 sq ft) .....................3.08+
    (Formerly called Executive® Mix)
    20% Amazing GS Perennial Ryegrass 15% Beyond Kentucky Bluegrass
    20% Paragon GLR Per. Ryegrass 15% Impact Kentucky Bluegrass
    20% Apple GL Per. Ryegrass 10% Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass
    *Excellent performance and turf quality *Dark green color with fine leaf blades
    *Use in full sun *Medium maintenance required

    9SHOW Showplace Mix (4-5 lb/1000 sq ft) .................................3.25+
    20% Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass 20% America Kentucky Bluegrass
    20% Impact Kentucky Bluegrass 20% Cabo II Perennial Ryegrass
    20% Beyond Kentucky Bluegrass
    Excellent performance in well maintained lawns
    Excellent disease resistance *Use in full sun to partial shade
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    Indiana seed in nobelsville best place to buy seed
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    Avoid "contractor's mix". Another word for really cheap mix for roadside contractors. Sod in the bare spots would give you the best results. I also like the Executive"Sun Mix". Seed now if soil temp is above 50. Otherwise soil will be too cold until about the time of the first mowing, about the second week of April. Sow your seed then. Skip your crabgrass control. My opinion.
    According to the soil temperature map, you have a just a few days to get it down this fall.

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