Major mulch fires!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by meathead1134, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Yesterday I went to Home Depot to buy some light fixtures for my house. As I pull into the plaza I see that there is a small mulch fire by the Olive Garden So I called the fire department and was told that they were on the way. I get to home Depot and just watch it was very windy yesterday. I watch and I see another mulch bed go up then another and then another. I could not believe what I'm seeing the whole parking lot just about went up. This parking lot is also used as the commuter rail to Boston also. So I see home depot associates come out with rakes and fire extinguishers. They tossed me a rake so we start raking out the host spots once they started getting going. This is something that I've never seen before. It started at Shaws and the entrance, then the fire jumped to Olive Garden, then McDonalds, then to Kmart then to Home Depot. As the fire department extinguished 1 bed another would go up then another and then back to the original 1 that started in the first place. There was a younger couple loading there truck with stuff watching the fire it was two aisles over. I told them load up your truck quick and get out of here before it jumps right next to you. Sure enough the fire jumped and started catching the bed right next to them on fire. People are stupid as we were working trying to save some cars from not catching fire. People are asking how did it start I said prob ally some idiot tossing a cigarette. Then they ask why are the other beds catching fire. I look at them with a you got to be stupid face and say see how windy it is the the ambers are flying thought the air and landing in the other beds and its smoldering and then catching fire ohhh I didn't think it could do that. One guy stated that there must be a terrorist in the parking lot starting these fires. I said to him are you serious? he said I think so. I told him get lost. Well after an hour and a half the fire finally got extinguished and the FD thanks us for our help. I was working with a few HD associates on several beds and stated all I wanted was to buy some light fixtures for my house and just happened that a associate from the lighting department was working with me and stated that he would give me a good deal on a fixture. Sure enough I got a light fixture for next to nothing. Well that was my Sunday afternoon. I have attached the link it made the local paper. I have pictures in my email but I don't have any resizing software. Be careful out there!!!
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    I've seen pine bark mulch catch fire from a a blown glass bird bath. I was weed eating around the mulch bed and started to smell a hint of smoke. The homeowner and I start to look around for a few minutes and then low and behold we see a sunlight ray being reflected off a low laying bird bath and the mulch below smoldering. It was truly amazing to witness. I started to wonder if bottles and other glass objects thrown out as trash are causing fires during dry conditions.
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    I think that guy was right. It was terrorists.;)
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    I spoke with my dad on the phone last night about it. He said to me some people are just FU#$*@& stupid. I told him there will never be a shortage of them either.
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    a company i worked for a year ago...

    we did a howard johnsons. well, every year someone would throw a cig into the mulch and every year it would light the mulch on fire. it happened the year i worked there...burned up about 9-10 bushes/trees. we wound up replacing that section with sod. you figure, it only takes a week (often less in hot spells/down south) for mulch to fully dry out.

    every year:hammerhead:

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