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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Smithers, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. Smithers

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    Ok All,

    I have been using Lawnsite for the past few months now and there is a lot of useful information spread out all over the threads....It is really hard to find it most of the time

    Many people know if very usefull websites that either have informative articles, products, pictures or just related to our business.

    Let's all put our minds together and write down which websites you have used, what you purchased, and reccomend. We dont have to put the sponsors since they are all up at the top. I am sure that each and every one of us knows of at least a few websites off the top of their heads.

    Also, I am not doing this to advertise a specific company. Just to collect everything (or as much as possible) in one central place. Then, when someone needs a website, they can just look up my thread.

    I will start..... - they have everything for the LCO - from air filters to throttle controls.

  2. Smithers

    Smithers LawnSite Silver Member
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    come on, guys..27 of you saw the thread and did not post anything. Tell dont think the my idea is good or you did not think of a website to post. - images of everything under the sun.
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    We really aren't supposed to, against the rules to post things in competition with the sponsors. We may do it anyway for some particular threads but usually if it is something not in competition with a sponsor. They make the site possible. If it's something they don't offer like a cooperative extension link or a product they don't carry I think they let it slide.
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