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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by hoskm01, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. hoskm01

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    551 4" Rotors, mostly I20's and TurfBirds, replaced with MP's on 6" MPR heads @ 40 PSI. Should do the trick. Concerned about a few spots spaced poorly at 32-35', but 95% will be golden. Where is the MP4k?

    Watering window was at 21 hours, could only do one zone at a time on this tap. Now can do two without issue, three is pushing it and compromises coverage. 10.5 hours is acceptable.

    Great project. 7 guys, including myself, 2 full days, done and done. 32.4 heads per hour with lowering on 80%. I was pleased. We estimated 4 days.

    Maintenance company was running 3 starts, 6 days per week at 7 minutes each, 2 zones at a time. Mayhaps thats why it looks like a Krispy Kream frying bin; little donuts floating around everywhere. Needless to say, this is my newest account.





  2. Mike Leary

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    Might have to turn the mow boys on to moisture meters!
  3. Wet_Boots

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    Was there no opportunity to re-nozzle existing heads? (T-Birds excluded)
  4. Kiril

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    That would be like giving a flaming torch to a small child. :laugh:
  5. EagleLandscape

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    the quality of that turf is unreal. are the maint guys still there? they should have been given the boot a long time ago.

    we catch flack if there is one head without coverage.

    got a property (medium sized) with 70 zones on 2" mainline, we get emails from residents if there is one blade of brown grass. that site is the worse than i could ever imagine.
  6. Wet_Boots

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    New heads swing-jointed?
  7. Mike Leary

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    No one quite gets the draw backs to MPs, here's the result of a 1 hr. run.

  8. hoskm01

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    Major catalyst was a contribution from the municipality to install regulated heads with rotators. No other options unless the bill was footed entirely by the HOA. Still no one uses recalimed water up here, what a waste.

    Funny you should mention. Our maint bid goes in this week, the others are on their way out the door ASAP. Their mowing and edging was pretty decent, but they killed it with lack of irrigation knowledge or effort.

    All but about 20 were on funny pipe. Special ordered a 3/4x1/2 female to male fitting for the 1/2 inlet on the MPR's. Dig donut, unscrew and rescrew if no need to lower (some were way to low as they were) Scoop or two out from underneath the fitting otherwise and that made up our 2" addition.

    I started with 45 min at two start times, 4 days per week, to catch it up. then down to 3 days...
  9. Mike Leary

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    Once you get the contract, cram water to that site to break the soil tension.

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    I get me....2 hours three times a week at least.

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