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    Used (lightly) Concrete Landscape Edging package. This is a great opportunity to grow an existing landscape business that continues to see more competition. Add concrete landscape edging to your offerings! It's still new in many places and is becoming more and more popular. The great thing is, not every Joe Schmo can buy a machine and get into the business. This takes some commitment and some practice, but in a few weeks, you're doing very nice work and making VERY good money. Neighbors see the work and call to do their yard. This takes a minimum of 3 guys and the rig is self contained except needing a water connection at the job. Depending on the service, we were netting between $4 and $6 per foot. Our average job was 150 '. It would take us 3-5 hours to do 150'. So, to get to the good stuff:

    -24' Gooseneck trailer with 9 cu/ft Stone mixer, 4 yard sand bin, equipment bin with ramp, portland bin, hand tool bin and Rhino lining in sand box and fenders.

    -Tygar Curb machine
    -Tygar Sod cutter
    -Stamp roller package
    -7 curb molds
    -All trowels for molds and finish work
    -Lighting package
    -Walkway package
    -Large selection of handtools
    -2 HD concrete wheelbarrows
    -50' HD hose
    -$1000 + worth of colors and finishing materials
    -Free training for a day (if you are within an hours drive of Asheville, NC)

    Asking $14900 for the whole package. New Package from Tygar with less stuff is $24000. All equipment and trailer is in very good shape. I maintained it all meticulously. We did this business on the weekend only, so it has low hours on all. If you're gonna ask why I'm selling it's because we are starting a family and I still have a full time job. I wish I could do it all, but I'm human.

    Call me for questions at 828-231-2036

    I can send photos of trailer and equipment if you contact me.

    Also have 2002 Dodge truck for sale. HO Cummins, 4x4 flat bed with 31000 miles. Asking $25900. Mint condition. Used to pull trailer.

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