Make you own Ele Back Pack Sprayer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ArizPestWeed, May 8, 2009.

  1. ArizPestWeed

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    Sorry I couldn't put together a blog with instructions , this will have to do.
    I know some of you all have already made your own using my idea , I would hope these pictures would be enough of a story so others can make their own.
    Well , I will add a few words

    The gravity flow BP is from SP Systems , you can order them from out of St Paul Minnesota.
    I buy 3 at a time

    The pumps from Northern tool , I buy 4 at a time
    The batteries off the net , 10 at a time .
    Battery charger from , has alligator clips that easily connect to the tabs on the battery .
    Never use charger in truck , just change out battery , takes 10 minutes or less

    The metal plate or base that houses the battery and pump was made at a sheet metal shop .
    You can make one your self , Ace hardware sells small pieces of sheet metal that you can use , drill holes to adhere metal plate to BP frame .

    I used a drill to make a hole then a jig saw to make a slit for the velcro that holds the battery in place .

    Drilled two holes
    ( not 4 , even though the pump has a place for 4 bolts )
    For 2 bolts to mount the pump to the metal base .

    In these photos , there is a ele switch to turn on & off the pump , I have made 20 of these ele pack back sprayers and only used a switch in a couple , I find there is no need for a switch.
    Just pull the wire off the battery if you need to disconnect it .
    There are no rules to making one , come up with your own design .

    Any questions ?

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  2. dwc

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    Do you have to do anything special to the piston in the tank to get the water to the suction side of the pump? Or is it a matter of just connecting the suction to the hose barb where the wand connected?
  3. Think Green

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    Did you insert a T-barb in there between the nozzle hose and reroute the flow for bypass? At 60 p.s.i. without a bypass flow, it would blow the seals or leak somewhere within the nozzle when you aren't continually using the apparatus. I am applying at 45 psi in my solo's, with the pump method, and they tend to leak at weak joints. There isn't enough teflon to keep these things from leaking at the wands.
    I buy agricultural wands and without most suppliers using brass now, they are prone to leaking all over the place.
  4. ArizPestWeed

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    These are gravity flow bp , contain no internal manual pump , just a hose bib on the bottom where the hose from the pump connects to the bottom of the tank
  5. ArizPestWeed

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    The pumps are turn off when they reach a certain pressure .
    I for get what they call this
  6. fastcat

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    is there a place online that i can order one of those gravity feed backpack sprayers.
  7. Falcon50EX

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    Also Dultmeier at 800-228-9666 item SX YT189 FOR 88$ the catalog says 55$ but I called them and 88$ is the price.
  8. cecropia11

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    Do you get any leaking, with this sprayer you made?
  9. cecropia11

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    can you remove the pump from any backpack sprayer, and seal it up after removing the pump?
  10. kawasaki guy

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    Ordered the pump, battery, and am going to use a Chapin/Lesco sprayer I have in the garage to make one of these, Plan to use my 12V trickle charger to charge it?

    Have wire in the garage, and will run to the hardware store to grab the barb connections, hose clamps, and extra hose when the time comes.
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