Make your own door hangers-Cheap!!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by I am Me, Sep 11, 2003.

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    I have found a way to make cheap door hangers.

    What you will need:

    Card Stock Paper
    MS Publisher or something similar to design flyer
    Paper cutter
    Hole saw bit for drilling doorknob holes in doors-1" size
    1x4's about 3'

    The intial set up will be the most expensive and time consuming, but it is a one time event. After that you are set up and it's fast and easy to do.

    Step 1

    Design door hangers -2 per page- front and back design
    Print on card stock
    Cut hangers to desired dimensions on paper cutter (or take to office depot and have them size them for you)

    Step 2

    Take 1x4 and build a frame with the inside dimensions equal to that of your hangers. cut a piece of 1x4 to fit inside the frame. drill hole through it at proper location so that it acts as a jig for cutting you hanger holes. You will place this on top of the hangers when inserted in the jig. Take cardboard and trace the top jig onto it. Cut it out. This will now be your jig for marking your cut lines on your cardstock for perfect sizing everytime.

    Step 3

    Place cut card stock into jig, place top piece of jig over hangers, clamp down to compress. Take drill with hole saw bit, place in the hole in the jig and drill!

    Step 4

    Remove cardstock from jig and cut a V notch (>) into the stock on the side of the hole so as to creat door hanger.

    Step 5

    Bundle in groups of 100 so you know exactly how many you have distributed on each outing.

    After you have everything set up - your next run will be easy and cheap. Make it a family affair and it gets done fast.

    Depending on card stock quality, you can make them for less than .20 each.
  2. crawdad

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  3. A1 Grass

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    Of course, you could always go to Door Hangers Direct and get them for between .02 - .04 cents each.

    No cutting, no copying, no nothing. Just wait for UPS.
  4. crawdad

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    Nope. No good. Too easy. ;)
    I get my card stock at the flea market, pretty cheap. Already had the papercutter. I can do small runs, targetting a specific area. I'm not saying my way is the only way, or even that it's the best way. The ones from door hanger direct probably look better than mine. As in lawn care, cheaper is not always better.
  5. A1 Grass

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    :blob3: Too easy, cheaper, and better quality.... hmmmm.:blob3: You're right, that doesn't sound good at all.

    Oh well, others may put the info to use.

    However if you only print very short runs with advertising geared to specific neighborhoods then I too would make them myself.
  6. walker-talker

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    go to postcardwarehouse dot com. They can make 5000 for $500.
    Very professional and full color, great service.

    I don't have a copy of mine, but I used the same background as the one in the pic below. I received permission to do so. I recieved very many compliments on this door hanger. The bottom is perforated so that perspective client can save as a business card.


    door hanger--pro green lawns.jpg
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    Hi I am Me,

    Can you show a pic of your final product?

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