Makeover of Landscape this week

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Chestnut Oaks Prez, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. clean_cut

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    Looks AMAZING keep up the good work man.

    I would guess that this type of work brings in a lot more money than weekly mowing, am I correct?
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  3. MRobin9470

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    My wife and I had to drive through Greenville, South Carolina yesterday so I thought I'd give Prez a call to see if he might have time to show off some of his work. My wife wasn't quite the landscape fanatic I am until yesterday. What a difference curbside appeal makes.

    Prez had us meet him at his house. After showing off the remarkable yard that is his estate, he took us around Greenville to show off Chestnut Oaks work. We were able to see firsthand probably some twenty projects. To see them in person vs pictures made it worthwhile. It was some of the most beautiful landscaping we've seen. The lawns Chestnut Oaks maintained weren't difficult to spot as we drove through the neighborhoods.

    We ended up at the latest project above where we met and watched Brian and the crew put the finishing touches on this beauty in 100 degree (according to our truck thermometer) heat.

    Chestnut Oaks is a top notch outfit. We came away very impressed and would like to personally thank Dean and Brian for their time. It was a pleasure to meet you.

  4. Chestnut Oaks Prez

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    Thanks for the kind words Mark. It was nice meeting you and Donna.
  5. georgiagrass

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    Great vision to see how much better that first house would look with the overgrown shrubs taken out.
  6. thu cutting edge

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    im doing a big install on a house that is 100% identical to that second house. did you come to MD and happen to see the house and snap some pics? nah im just kidding but that house is identical but we put the pool on the side of the house.
  7. Chestnut Oaks Prez

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    Cuttin edge! I want to see some pics of that house. Here are some pics of some of the lighting installed. some 48 lights :cool2:





  8. Chestnut Oaks Prez

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    Makeover 3 months later


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    Very nice.
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    Personally I find those overpriced Mc Mansions nauseating. The makeover home looks better in my opinion. I like homes that are smaller than the surrounding trees/landscape.

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